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Simple Beauty,
Extroidanry Cabochons
Specializing in
Free form Designer Cabochons.
Blue Owyhee Gems is all about custom, free form designer  cabochons. Fantasy Plume Agate,  Regency Rose, Willow Creek, Coyote Ridge and Owyhee Picture Jasper are among our favorites. I try to provide unusually beautiful designer cabochons for artists and collectors.

Custom orders are always welcome!
Fantasy Plume Agate
Unusual Owyhee
picture jasper
Coyote Ridge picture jasper
Willow Creek
picture jasper
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10-13-2016     My Etsy Store is open again and can be found at: .   I cut about 75 new cabochons while I was doing custom orders this summer. I will be posting new cabochons on Etsy as I have time. I will also add some jewelry soon. All items hand made by me. I will also be posting some of my older pieces. Some of these cabochons from my old stock have never been shown and others will be reduced for close-out.
11-8-10 004a
9-28-2010 006a
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Polar Jade, Translucent Grade A and AA
Grassy Mountain Petrified Wood
Indonesian Fossil Coral
AAA Translucent,  RARE
IMG_5704 (2)
Montana Dendritic Agate
Russian Dendritic Agate, Large cabs
Polar Jade, Translucent Grade A and AA
Fantasy Plume Agate